“Test what you fly, fly what you test.” – NASA

So here we are, a little behind schedule but in good spirit preparing for the next phase of our epic journey: testing!

With most of the design fixed in place and fewer and fewer parts to be ordered we’re heading straight towards it! The electronics guys have already started tweaking and testing their “little toys” and have come up with a sturdy test plan this week. Our balancing expert, Ernest, has been working on his balancing setup and just a few days ago me and Audrey helped him cut the bars from which our beloved units will be suspended. Progress has also been made on other fronts as well and a nice feeling of convergence loomed in the library where we work the past couple of days.

We enjoyed designing our experiment and gathering ideas around the main concept but now it is time to see if everything we came up with fits and works nicely together as is does on paper. Stay with us for updates, pictures and videos! It shall not be disappointing!