Looking better everyday

Hej everyone!! 😀

Most of the team is now back from their well deserved Christmas break!  We discovered with joy our beautiful custom module (which must have given a lot of work to Moraba!) and all the work our dear Romanian fellow had accomplished (while we had abandoned him without any remorse in Stockholm).

Well…not everyone is back…we lost a few people over Christmas (I mean they went home, for their studies or to start their master thesis). We are especially going to miss our electronics wizard Jorge who had been working on ISAAC since the very beginning!

However, we can now also count on our new fellows from the SCRAP team, the next KTH Rexus team. And we don’t refuse any extra-help, we are now on the home stretch: delivery of the experiment is in 13 days! (which is getting our team leader a little bit more nervous everyday). We are waiting for the delivery of parts, manufacturing  everyday to be on time. After the delivery, Georg, Ruslan and I will be heading to Bremen for the Integration Week.

It’s quite rewarding to finally see the experiment “grow” a little bit more everyday, I can’t wait to test the ejection system! So far, all the parts are fitting well together (the hours spent on CADing were not useless). Here are some pictures of the latest parts:


Hooks of the retention system


Hatch and pusher plates – the red parts are the hatch stop for the hook and the ejection spring connection, these were 3D-printed, but I started to manufacture them this morning with Lucas (SCRAP team)


D-sub bracket sent by Moraba – this is also custom made for our module, usually there is space for 3 connectors





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