We’ve got a rocket module!

After months of waiting and countless back and forward emails with technical drawings and specifications our rocket module has finally arrived on Swedish soil. The module is our ride ticket in the REXUS rocket and it will carry our experiment to the edge of space. You can catch a glimpse of the funky fellow below.

And they also had it in our favorite color - KTH blue!

And they also had it in our favorite color – KTH blue!

The grids supporting our experiment units inside the module also arrived the week before Christmas. Talk about timing…

Here you can see a picture of how the experiment will look inside the rocket module.

RxSU standing proud of it's aperture hole!

RxSU standing proud of its aperture hole!

TxSU showing off it's IR lamp and a couple of LEDs.

TxSU showing off its IR lamp and a couple of LEDs

As everything fits just like in the CAD all that is needed for the ejection tests are a few parts which we are to manufacture ourselves. Unfortunately for our beloved experiment people tend not to work too much during holidays 😀 but alas, we are almost done partying and we shall return with high hopes and rejuvenated spirits.

Interesting times ahead my fellow ISAAC-ers as we approach the finish line in May. I’ll be waiting for you all to return safely to Stockholm, to share stories, joy and, of course, some of that well renowned French/Swiss cheese 🙂

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to all,



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