Hello everyone,

Experiment Acceptance Review (EAR) is coming up soon, more specifically, it is on this Thursday. The preparation about the project is ongoing. I wish I could show you some development on the flight dynamics. Unfortunately, I am in a trouble adding the drag torque into the dynamic model of 6 degree of freedom. Sorry for this. The look angle and the azimuth angle looked strange, very different from the previous one when the drag torque was not considered. There were so many parameters that I had no idea what lead to this strange result. According to our supervisors, in order to check all the parameters, we should start with a simple case. Therefore, I started with a very simple case,  the FFU falls down, only drag in vertical direction, no wind,  which is helpful to figure out  this problem. I feel this is not an easy task, which will take some time. I hope I can get a reasonable result soon.


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