Party for Friday, with P Standing for PCB

Greetings everyone,

With the first snow, here comes the PCB’s that the electrical team has been longing for.Image

I bet that I saw some sparkling in the members’ eyes when they first saw the PCB’s.

I simply wish that there won’t be any when they are testing them…  Just a joke.

I would like to thank every member for his hard working recently, especially Jorge’s constant assistance, Nickolay’s review on the design, and of course, the opportunity that this project provides to us.




Although the end is approaching, members in this team are staying late to get the soldering done.  Hope that it can be done soon.

Thanks for reading this post.  Just don’t tell the electrical team how great your Friday night was.

Wish all of you a great weekend!

And to the electrical team, good job!




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