Electronic team working hard on the PCBs.

Electronic team working hard on the PCBs. Since our courses finished we are working full time on the ISAAC project.

I finished the Schematic design for digital part of the  Infra-Red circuit and now I am working on layout of the Power_Top.

Here is the Infra-Red schematic or IR_Top. It contains of different circuits; FPGA, memory, regulator, clock oscillator, reset and connectors.


In the next picture you can see the Power_Top layout. It is not done yet but I hope to finish it during this weekend.  This layout required more work in compare with a normal design. We had some changes of the connector’s placement and the board size.

 I had to start from the beginning for two times. The reason was loading error, when I tried to open the saved design. I learned to be patient with this tool and every time drawing became faster than before.Image

I think layout design is very similar to oil painting. As much as you are handy, your design will be beautiful. But I now this is the not! 🙂



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