When engineering and art meet

Some time ago we show you in here our work on the PCBs, and today, I want to bring it up again.

Past week the electronics team had been working in finishing most of the schematics and the layouts of all our units, mainly the RxSU. More in detail, I have been spending my time on the RMU PCB. I know that experts can complain and some improvements can be done, but I think that it is good enough for being my first one. It also may not look really nice, I’m not an artist! However, I like it, it’s my little baby. But by finishing it we are not done, a lot of work is still remaining, and tomorrow a new day will come, where we will be working on other PCBs and/or firmware while our friends in the mechanical team play with heavy machinery making holes, sanding or cutting metals.

Finally, after a long path working on ‘paper’ we are getting close to have the real stuff to play with. The real stuff that we aim to launch into the sky.

And as if a proud father I were, here is a photo of my baby.RMU PCB


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