Computer Simulation

Today, let me digress for a while with regards to the post. But as a matter of fact, what I want to present is a little related to ISAAC, as well as flight dynamics.So what I am going to talk about? Er, it is computer simulation.

As you might know, in order to study the science, and get to know the real world around us, we commonly need to do some experiments. When it comes to an experiment, you may well think of scientists in white coats working away in a laboratory. Well, in fact, computer simulation is also belong to one type of experiments, which sometimes is called “computer experiment”.

Here, a model is implemented on a computer leading to a dynamic demonstration. Further
interventions can then be programmed to explore how they affect the scenario. In some sense, this is clearly more about modelling than experimenting, because the control and intervention is performed on a representation, not the “real stuff” used in field or laboratory experiments. Anyway, to run an experiment on a computer is thus similar to experiment with a laboratory animal: both are used to experiment, in order to learn about a substantially different target.

In terms of the definition of an experiment, which is a controlled observation in which the observer manipulates the variables that are believed to influence the outcome, therefore, computer simulation is a kind of experiments.


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