Bending and cutting

With our fearless team leader exploring the wonders of the two biggest countries in the world (wrt area) and our outreach wizz showing around Stockholm to old friends, the responsibility of bending in cutting landed on my shoulders. And so since Monday I have made countless trips from the library (4th floor) to the workshop (deep deep under) and be, amazed, this is all I came up with. It doesn’t look like much but a lot of work and frustration went into those little things, half of which are not even in their final state.

The manufacturing phase has started already, at least according to the project plan, so what my intention with these baffles and straps was was to get accustomed to the workshop and the tools for when the more complicated parts will need to be manufactured. In both FFUs we have a couple of parts, like stepper motors, IR optical tubes and sensors, a camera lens and a few batteries, which need to be strapped into their respective positions. You can see below what my amazing bending skills produced.

2013-10-23 18.24.00

Straps. Various shapes and sizes (a lot more of them are in storage)

As for the baffles, they will prevent any stray light, that finds its way into the RxSU, from reaching the optical sensors. Cutting an aluminum 0.5 mm thick sheet with a cutter and a metal shears is not an easy task, but by the end I was surprised to see that, within a fairly reasonable margin of error, the part looked the same as it did in the CAD.

2013-10-23 18.23.36

One of the baffles that will make light behave!

2013-10-23 18.23.05

A close-up view of the baffle.

This is what keep me busy the past three days and hopefully by the end of the week we will start working on more serious parts. Nonetheless, it has been fun cutting and bending, but for the next time I’m definitely getting some help from one or both of these guys:

bender lasercutvision


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