Hello ISAAC readers!

I am a new member of the ISAAC project and for me it’s very exciting to work on such a great experiment. I was very lucky to to be inside this project. Three other friends and I work on the electronics part until Christmas.


We started with studying papers, writing project plan and the risk analysis which were the most important documents that we had to submit to our teacher in the project management course about the ISAAC project. Then defining and clarifying the interfaces of the PCBs were done.

Last week we started to be familiar with Mentor Graphic for printed circuit board (PCB) designing. Nikolay is our supervisor and he showed us how to use the tool. Using this tool is a little tricky. I already worked with Eagle, a free tool for PCB design; you can start with it if you are a beginner like me :). But it seems that Mentor Graphic is more complete than the free tools and already used in this project. Jorge and I are designing the Schematic and layout for the top power PCB at the moment. The schematic is in progress and the layout will be done after finishing the schematic.

You must know many details like voltage and minimum and maximum current about the devices that you produce power for. Information about the devices can be found in the datasheets. But Jorge helps a lot, a helpful and smiley guy that has a lot of experience and information.




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