Running out of battery

Or at least that is the feeling in part of the electrical team this week.

The electrical team is currently formed by 6 people, Kevin, who spends his time in playing with our infra-red system. Georgi, who has been including an small component into the system libraries for using it in our PCBs. Babak, Ruslan, Jiazuo and me, Jorge, all we have been spending part of the last week and what is gone of this, which isn’t still over, fighting for 5 minutes more of sleeping time. And maybe you are asking yourself, “why is that?” (others just are thinking that we are lazy…). The reason of this is really simple, all we are in the same master programme, and unless one course, we have the same this period, which can be said, is the harder one in academic load in our master with around 25 credits instead of the usually 15. The point is that this week we have had to submit two different assignments and still tomorrow we have to submit another two more, and just to make a whole day, a presentation of one of those assignments. So, with 4 assignments in 3 days, and having access to start some of them less than one week ago, sleep time has become a valuable good for us….

However, if you have been following the REXUS project, you may be noticing that something is missing, and you are right!, Murphy is with us! Yesterday we submitted our SED v3.1! In this one we addressed several comments mainly in the formatting and we expanded our explanations in some chapters since ISAAC never stops! Fortunately, we have a really good team which supported us with the modifications and also addressing some of our supervisor comments. Thanks to their help, it can be said that we ow them at least 1 or 2 sleeping hours!

Thank you guys!




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