Updates on balancing

Hi everyone! This last weeks I’ve been really busy working to have the balancing setup ready as soon as possible; but there have been some advances in the topic.

First of all, let’s take a look at a picture of the CAD model for the whole setup:

whole assembly

As you can see, the whole setup is supported by a triangular frame with triangular legs; frome this frame, a circular platform hangs from three really thin cables (about 0.41 mm in diameter), and over this platform we place our units (Tx and Rx, together with the CU) so that we can measure and calculate the position of the Center of Gravity and the components of the tensor of inertia of said units.

If things go well, all the physical setup should be completely built by next week, and then the testing period can begin; of course, we have to calibrate and test the setup before actually using it for the real units (anyway, I have to wait until the units are completely assembled!)

It’s actually really exciting to see that what you have designed (on paper and with CAD) is coming to the real world! But as always, I’m finding that things are not so easy to do in the physical world, but I’ll get through, that’s why we are engineers!



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