Gathering a new team for the next REXUS proposal!

Hej everyone!

No spoilers, we are not telling you what the new REXUS project is about! Since the first project, LAPLander, the KTH team have faced crazier and crazier challenges, involving FFUs more or less big and giving some cold sweats to a few MORABA engineers.

So here we are again, the REXUS call for proposal is opened until October 21st. On thursday 26, we have been invited to present the REXUS/BEXUS programme to the new Aerospace master students. Team members of SQUID, RAIN, MUSCAT and, of course ISAAC, will be gathered for this presentation. We hope to convince a lot of new students to join this amazing programme, reminding them it might be some work but it’s also about fun, travelling and meeting space enthusiasts from all over Europe!

We will update pictures just after the presentation!

(and if you are a KTH student and want to join the new team, you have until October 6 to contact us)







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