Hej again!

Yesterday we had the IPR (Integration Progress Review) conducted by Mikael Inga from SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) in our place at KTH. After several hours explaining him all our experiment, and the status of each single part of the work. We review with him all the points, got comments and suggestions from Mikael and now, we are starting to work in processing and addressing them.

However ISAAC is changing faster than that! But don’t worry, I don’t mean changes in the design, or at least big ones. I just mean that again, we have three new members in the team. They are going to help us with all the electronics, specially with testing but also in finishing some details in the design. All they are my partners from the System-on-Chip master and will stay with us until the end of the year, at least!

The work division haven’t take place yet since they are still reading through our last SED version learning not only what is done or expected in the electronic side but also in the full project. Indeed they are asking about some design decisions, forcing us to think over them again and confirm why they were taken. I have the feel that they will mean a good boost for ISAAC, not only in electronic but in the full project.




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