Preparation for IPR- Flight Dynamics

Today, the Integration Progress Review (IPR) of ISAAC is proceeding. A guy comes to examine the status of our project. I gave my presentation in the morning. It was the first time for me to give a kind of formal presentation to someone outside the team. I was a little nervous before the presentation.

To do it well, I had been preparing it from yesterday to this morning. I went through the previous documents. Unfortunately, I found there was something wrong with simulations. So I redid some simulations and made a powerpoint. At first, I thought there were not much stuff to talk about. However, when I read these documents, I realized in fact I had done a lot of simulations on the flight dynamics. These simulations were started with the simple case, for example, no drag and perpendicular ejection when computing look angles and azimuth angles. But later, drag and ejection angles were gradually added in it so that the contents got more and more rich and complete. I think this is the way to start something. For this preparation, I stayed up last night. I hope I could have an early sleep tonight.



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