“Touches finales” on the Ejection System!

Hej everyone!!

After almost 9 months of design, we are finally adding the finishing touches on our ejection system (okay we are running a little bit late..)!

One of the last part we designed was the camera mounting. To analyse the ejection (and well also because we don’t want to miss the view 😉 ), we have installed a GoPro Hero3 behind the upper FFU. Here is a picture of the camera mounting which will protect the camera during launch:

Camera mounting

Exploded view of the camera mounting

Another topic which has kept us busy for a while is the Hot Gas protection. After the ejection of the two FFUs, our RMU will have two openings.  During re-entry, Hot Gas will rush into the module. That’s why we need to isolate our module from the other experiments to protect them (and avoid some troubles on ground). We also need a tunnel for the electrical cables going from the experiments above us to the service system module. One of our major issue is space. Our module is really crowded… To win some (space), we designed a tunnel in two parts with an angle as you can see on the following picture:

Hot Gas protection

Hot Gas protection exploded view

And that’s enough mechanical updates for today!

About outreach, we are starting to look for the next KTH REXUS team. The call for proposals to fly on the REXUS 17/18 rockets is opened until October 21st!  We will present the REXUS/BEXUS programme to the new master students of KTH on September 26st.

Last but not least, we are soon going to order stickers! Can’t wait to put it on my laptop 😀




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