Hi everyone

Hi, this is Kevin.  I’ve been doing a little work with the detector, chopper, and infrared source.  I’m currently trying to show how good the detector works when its not pointed directly at the source and when it gets further and further away.  Here are some pictures of the setup:


And heres a pretty graph, taken after the op amp


This would be a good graph, except for a one thing, maybe more, but I hope not.  Can anyone figure out whats wrong? (hint: its also a term for a penalty in football, the real football, not soccer)


Movements on ISAAC

A new semester is starting here at KTH and a lot of new exchange students are spending their first days walking around and learning as much as they can about this new life they are living.
We, ISAAC, knew about that and we did our movement. Before summer some of our team members left us after doing really good work, but we still need hands, and a new one is always welcomed. For this reason we started to look for and we have found three new ISAAC members. They are one mechanical and two electronic engineers. And they are:

Georgi Olentsenko, from Estonia, who is studying electronics and will work with the tracking system.
Kevin Mead, from the US. He is going to start the Electrophysics Master at KTH, so he will take care about the infrared spectroscopy and the optics.
And Ernest Company, who will work on the mechanical side ensuring the proper balance of both FFUs.

All they are really excited to join us in a project like this and we know that they will do their best on their works.

Unfortunately not all are good news in ISAAC, few days ago one of our bachelor students, Emil, let us after finishing his summer job with us. He worked on tracking and Georgi and me will follow his steps. So from here we want to wish him the best.