ISAAC around the world

Hullo everybody,

Holidays are upon us and I’m hoping all is well with your summer plans and that things are following their precise schedule. I will pick up on this opportunity to write an outreach article rather than focusing on the work being done to finish up the FFU’s design or the tweaking of our SED.

There are many perks to being part of a team of international students but I won’t be spending time describing them since I deem it impossible to envelop such an experience in a few rows. So for the curious ones I’ll just say: go ahead and take the bull by the horns, you won’t regret it.

What I want to focus on instead is the one drawback: summer break hits and everyone scatters around the globe on vacation, back home or to places still void of the wonder we call internet. Everything seems to slow down and communication between members is reduced to a bare minimum.

In consequence, the head of our “outreach department” came up with the splendid idea (on which our “electronics wizard” improved); since we’re all going to be travelling to different places we should take pictures of us wearing the ISAAC t-shirt in front of, on top or anywhere near a monument, building or a place that is representative for the city or area we find ourselves in, in order for our followers to guess.

We’ll try to make it fun, interactive and challenging. To start it off here’s a picture of me relaxing on a nice patch of grass in front of 47 flags.

ISAAC around the world, location one

ISAAC around the world, location one

More pictures from other members and the “unveiling” of the prize to come.

So I’ll just leave you with this: “Where’s ISAAC?”




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