Summer work for the ISAAC team


It has been a while since our last post… This end of the year was quite busy: exams had arrived (rough time for students) and we also had to prepare our Critical Design Review(CDR). Since, it is now summer time, we will post an article a week until September.

As you may have seen on our facebook page, three weeks ago we were back at DLR, near Munich to present the final design of our experiment (CDR). The experts were quite pleased with our presentation and the work we had accomplished since the Preliminary Design Review. We returned to Stockholm with useful comments and a good feeling that our experiment design was going the right way. Meanwhile, Jorge, our electrical engineer had the chance to stay a few more days to attend a soldering course!

It is now mid-July – and the French National day by the way ! 😉 –  some members of the team are still working on ISAAC in Stockholm while the rest of the team has scattered around Europe (but no worries, our time will come!).

All I can say about the ejection system is that it is looking quite good, we almost have the final design. We are currently running stress analyses on the critical parts (the hooks for instance) to verify that they will tolerate the launch loads (which is to say 30 g in the vertical direction).

Here is a view of the ejection system:

Ejection System

While the analyses are being performed, I also have to make drawings of the parts. When these two tasks are over, it will finally be time for ordering, manufacturing and later testing. I hope to show you pictures of the RMU parts soon !






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