Another meaning

Yesterday, we had a long meeting for a new project, kick off meeting for SPIDER, which is to measure the electric field and currents in space at around 100 km.  To our delight, ISAAC will make a foundation for this new project.

The ejection system and mechanical structure of ISAAC will provide SPIDER with preparation. The dimensions of ISAAC FFUs are about 240 mm in diameter, 70 mm in height. So if SPIDER uses this kind of dimensions, then it can adopt ISAAC’s ejection system, which will save a lot on time on this work. As for the layout of a FFU, ISAAC consists of one common unit and one specific unit. While SPIDER will be composed of three units from up to down, which is still similar to ISAAC.

Therefore, ISAAC has more meanings except its scientific and technical goals, which inspires us to do better for ISAAC.


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