Long day

Today have been a long day, very long indeed. All we are working preparing the CDR, updating again the SED document and finishing all our designs, but that has nothing special at all since it is our project!

Today have been a long day since all we have been looking at our screens, following the REXUS 13 launching campaign. As probably you know, in the REXUS 13 will flight our ‘big brother’ MUSCAT. We have talked about them to you several times, we will follow their steps using some of their designs, ideas, lessons learned….

However today we were looking at our screens waiting for their launching not for those reasons but because they are our friends. And it has been a long one since they had scheduled the launching today at 11 am but due to the weather conditions they have been waiting with all the other teams and the Kiruna crew for a break in which launch the rocket. Delaying the last 15 minutes count down each 15 minutes first, then each 30 and then, an undefined time until it was finally postponed. Unfortunately, the next launching window has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 6 am. It means that the count down will start around 3:45! From here we, all the ISAAC team, want to wish them the best and we hope that tomorrow morning the weather gives them a break and they can finally launch.

Good luck tomorrow!


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