“We’re up all night to get lucky”


Great gift from the REXUS organisation: we are going to have our own custom module! A what? A unique REXUS cylinder module made just for us. Why so excited? The design of our modified module: too weak to support the launch loads (omg a detail), two large openings (250 mm width x 85 mm height) was one of the main issues of our experiment…

We first considered carbon-fiber-reinforced walls as reinforcements. However, the behaviour of the connection of these walls with an aluminium support was too unpredictable and thus too risky. Our second proposition involved four aluminium plates on each side of the RMU openings (I already presented this design in one of my previous blog article).

The new approach chosen is to increase the thickness of the module, as the previous KTH team MUSCAT did. (The standard thickness of the module is 4 mm.)

Meanwhile, the ejection system design is quite a struggle (as usual), but we are keeping hope, working a lot, enjoying our nerd spring, dreaming about the day when it will be our turn to launch from Kiruna!

For now, we wish good luck from Stockholm to our “big brothers”, the MUSCAT team, flying in two days on REXUS 13! 

This is also the occasion for a huge thanks to our supervisor Gunnar Tibert for his help with the analysis of the RMU module!

Small french touch to end this article, because we also find ways to enjoy our time in front of NX, great sound from Daft Punk:  Get lucky – Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams 😉

Back to CAD,



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