The necessity of sleep

In Stockholm, the Ice Hockey World Championship has just begun. This is quite a big deal, with hockey fans from all over the world gathering here, waving flags of their home countries, turning the city into a sea of colours.

But, the focus of team ISAAC is on a different event, which is also taking place right now in Sweden, and is just as exciting as hockey. Roughly 1000 km further north, our friends of MUSCAT and 7 other student teams are in the final preparations for their launches. If the weather is good, REXUS 14 will launch on Monday, at 9 am, and REXUS 13 probably on Tuesday. Make sure to watch the live stream, you wouldn’t want to miss that!

The success of MUSCAT is particularly interesting for us, because we re-use a lot of their systems, for example the GPS system, the parachute deployment & recovery system and more.

Our own work is at a very exciting stage too, we are finalizing the design. It is still a lot of work, but the feeling of being in the last stages of the design process motivates a lot. One would like to work on it all day, but of course the studies can’t be neglected…

On top of that all, we have really nice spring weather in Stockholm, inviting for barbecues… I wish the day had more than 24 hours! Or in Chris Hadfield‘s words:

“The only thing that gets me mad is I have to sleep.”


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