Thesis Deadline // MUSCAT at Esrange

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the people involved in ISAAC, with special thanks to our bachelor thesis supervisor, Dr. Nickolay Ivchenko and the ISAAC team leader, Georg Balmer. The thesis deadline was today at 12:00, so now there is no looking back.

Our fellow “rocket heads” at MUSCAT has left Stockholm in order to go to Esrange in Kiruna. This is the place where their rocket will be launched from, and following their blog, being able to see another set of people get to do what we have been working so hard for is  very pleasing. Even our project feels more real now.

As for now MUSCAT have been going through some safety regulations of the rocket base and setting up the last test prior to launch.

We wish the whole MUSCAT team a successful experiment and a few beautiful days in the north of Sweden!

For more information on the MUSCAT experiment, please visit:

Respectfully, Johan Jansson


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