New problem for wobbling

After a lot of computing and analysis for spin dynamics of FFUs, we finally obtain a reasonable result we thought to perform our further mechanical designs. Raise my head and look at the sunny sky, which lets me feel very promising and delightful.

However, just like the strange weather, suddenly snowing and becoming cold, a new problem for wobbling rates of FFUs appears. I have assumed wobbling rates of 10 deg/s, but a guy from the previous Rexus project has just finished analyzing the RAIN’s(a previous Rexus project) data and computed how the spin axis wobbles throughout the experiment. The RAIN wobbling rates becomes much larger after ejection and He is still investigating why. So We shall discuss his findings and determine which wobbling rates we shall use for ISAAC. So I believe to fulfill this dynamical part, I will have a long way to go. Go on!


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