Holiday Work! =)

Hej guys,

Here is a quick status update =): Work continues on both the design of the optical system and the thermal analysis.

Selection of the optical components is ongoing, a constant process of refinement as space constraints are balanced with other system requirements. In parallel a comprehensive thermal analysis of the IR lamp and mirror system is also being completed. Initial estimates indicate that the Aluminium mirror will heat up by around 400 degrees by the time it reaches equilibrium temperature. A time dependant model will now be developed to determine if there is enough time during the experiment for the parabolic mirror to reach this equilibrium temperature. The results of this analysis will determine the mounting methods for the IR sources and parabolic mirror. It will also determine the method of shielding the surrounding components, PCB’s, batteries etc. With the submission of the second version of the SED due in a months time, the clock it ticking.

Catch you soon, =)



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