Hello from Tracking Land!


This is us speaking the language of the tracking camera. (In the pic we’re basically just talking about the weather.) It’s a tricky business to be able to tell the camera to do the things we want it to. Things like setting the digital gain of the pixels, skipping rows in the pixel array and actually trigging the aperture are things which we need to get up and running, and we’re getting there slowly but steadily. We have been borrowing a lot of VHDL code from our beloved friends in the MUSCAT team of last year’s REXUS project at KTH. The problem is, however, that there are loads of changes and adaptions to be made in order to have our FPGA chips control the camera, and at the moment we’re not quite ‘there’ yet with sending the correct bits to the registers.

In other news, the PCB which will be handling the control algorithm is on its way, and we can’t wait to start testing everything to see if it actually does what we expect it to.

Over and out!


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