The Storm Before Easter.

As the cold weather seems to loosen its grip on Stockholm, the workload stays the same, but hey… Who feels the urge to enjoy the sunshine when there is noise to calculate and rockets launch? When I look around in the library here at Alfvénlaboratoriet, I can tell you that the answer is “Not ISAAC”.

For me (Johan) and Victoria, work has been progressing and soon we will order our first PCB ever. This will be one of the big moments in the life of a bachelor’s student here at KTH we assume! A few more hours still has to go in to the design of it though.

This PCB, after being populated, will amplify and filter the signal from our PbS detector. It will also convert the analog voltages to a digital interpretation of the output of the amplifier. As for now it looks like the voltages will be stored by a 24-bit ADC with the sampling frequency of 2kSPS.

The next time you will hear from us in E2, we will probabply have some nice photographs of the detector testing for you to feast your eyes upon!



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