Exam week

When everyone disappears from the ISAAC lab and buries their heads in books, or as in my case do a regular exam week cleaning of the apartment and lots of other stuff that seem so much more important than studying, you know it’s exam week. Fortunately me and Saman had our exams on Monday which left the rest of the week free for work. That has not been the case for the others on the ISAAC team since we’ve been quite alone here until today when Georg came back to life and joined us once again. I think the rest will start dropping in here soon as well.

As for the work on the power supply we’re getting results that are much better now if we compare to the results we got when we posted our previous post. It’s not as good as we want it yet, but we’re really close.

I hope the exams went well for everyone and wish you luck to those who have some left.



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