During this week we have started playing with an FPGA, reading and looking at the heritage designs and learning how to use the software tools. It was a desperation the first day in which nothing worked, even the most trivial things!
However, finally LEDs started to blink! signals started to go out and everything started to work as expected. The FPGA started to live! But now a lot of work is waiting for us. Making some LEDs blink is funny, but we need to go deeper, we need to control our systems with the FPAs. Scheduling the communications, analysing the measurements of the sensors, generating the signals to control the different subsystems, storing data into the memories…
A lot of work is needed but just looking at the LEDs or the signals in the oscilloscope encourage us for keep working on it. At least until after several days trying to do something nothing works as expected, but at the end, it will work!


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