Fest med ISAAC

Here we are, one week after the PDR still trying to assimilate everything that happened during the one week in Germany.  A handful of specific oriented meetings as well as general meetings with all our the team members and supervisors helped bring everyone up to speed on what has been done and what needs to follow. But since we never got a proper chance to celebrate our “conditional pass” we figured the best way to keep our motivation up, as well as ease our struggle to meet the new deadline, is to have a “fest med ISAAC”.

Since Emil has a free apartment at hand, which is also conveniently located in one of the most renowned student neighbourhoods in Stockholm, we decided to make it ISAAC’s relaxation headquarters for the coming evening. Everyone was invited and hopefully will show up, turning a rather cold and lonely Friday evening into a snug and enjoyable, off the record, meeting with as few FFU design discussions as possible :))

Have a great weekend and keep close, embarrassing pictures are coming!

Oh, I almost forgot, keep your eyes out for asteroid DA14 tonight which is due to fly past Earth in a few hours (19:00 GMT to be precise). Who knows, maybe we’ll turn this celebratory get together into an “End of the World” party.

Also, for those of you who do not own their own astronomical observatories (or do not have the possibility to go to an observatory tonight) here’s a live stream from NASA covering the event as it happens: Asteroid AD14 live coverage.


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