PDR: conditional pass

Just today we received the report from the experts about our PDR. And we have passed with conditions. That means that there are a few issues that need to be addressed in the next version of the SED (student experiment documentation), which is due on 11th March, and when the expert panel is happy with our modifications we may go on with the project.

The required modifications concern mainly our RMU (rocket mounted unit). As you can imagine, if you cut two big holes in a rocket it will influence its ability to cope with the loads during launch. The acceleration reaches up to 20 g, which is much more than a human would survive. To make sure that the rocket doesn’t break apart we need some reinforcement to compensate for the holes. In the REXUS programme, as usual in the aerospace industry, safety comes first, therefore the expert panel requests a very detailed analysis of the RMU and its reinforcement.

But of course we’re also working on the other parts of the experiment. The CAD design of the FFUs is one thing we focus very much on these days. You’ll probably hear more about that in another blog post soon. And the electrical engineers are busy selecting components and drawing schematics.

And by the way, the MUSCAT team is also very busy with the last preparations for the delivery of their experiment. When we look at their experiment and compare with the state of our design (MUSCAT was at that point one year ago), we are impressed by what a group of students can achieve in a year of work. Let’s hope that all goes well for their delivery and the flight in May, and let’s keep working on our experiment to get there as well next year.

For more about MUSCAT check out their website: www.muscatexperiment.se


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