Hello from E1 (Power system)!

Today our team members will come home from the PDR week in Munich. I have had contact with my friend Viktor – he seems to have enjoyed the PDR week. He mentioned he  have learned a lot of tips regarding the power system, so excited to hear about them! Of course it will be interesting to hear from the rest of the team as well.

However, this week a lot of effort has been made to the project plans because of the Bachelor’s thesis work which has to be done this weekend. I have also been looking into DC/DC converters for the TxSU, where we need converters that are suitable for high power consumption. As it looks now we will use step-up converters for the IR sources and for the visible light sources we will use current controlling DC/DC converters .

Next week we will specify what converters to use and start doing the electrical schematics as well.


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