To boldly go…. =)

With just a couple of days before half of the team heads to the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) in Germany work is proceeding full steam ahead! Slides are being revised and polished and presentation voices are being practised =). The excitement is building!

Over the past couple of weeks the IR spectroscopy  team has made some fantastic progress documenting  the physics behind the experiment. Although some information on what ISAAC does can be found in the ‘About’ tab I shall try to illustrate why this experiment is so unique =) and cool. The aim of course, is to generate a Carbon dioxide concentration  profile of the middle atmosphere. The middle atmosphere is a strange region of the earth’s blanket, to high for aircraft and most balloons yet to low for orbiting satellites. (Note: non orbiting satellites pass through here all the time but… =)  ). This means that relatively little is known about the distribution of carbon dioxide at these altitudes. That is something we hope to change! =)

However there are a lot of things to do before we get there. Since the completion of the SED  (For now=) ) we have begun looking more in depth at the components that will go into the optical systems. As we continue to transform our scribbles into CAD drawings we shall keep you updated on the most exciting news =).

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “To boldly go…. =)

  1. good day gentlemen, I am sure next week you will know who I am … as you describe your logo in your SED but dont print it, so I had to come here to check it. success next week … just to make sure you know I am no fraud … you will be the first PDR of a certain day, but I am not telling you which day … hahaha

    • haha thank-you kind stranger =)! We shall have to print the logo in our SED next time! Hope you enjoyed reading it! I have asked the team to look out for you next week! =). See you very Soon! =)

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