The real work has begun!

With the semester just starting, here at KTH, all members of team ISAAC are recovering after a long and relaxing holiday and putting their work hats back on.

Over the past week everybody has been working hard towards a common goal: filling out the Student Experiment Documentation (SED) required for the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) with all the relevant information about our experiment. We met the deadline with just a few minutes remaining, but of course after the submission the work continued. The documentation will help the experts give useful comments and show us the “right way” at the PDR, in the beginning of February, in Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany).

Based on our experience from the Experiment Proposal we made an “unspoken pact” to avoid as much as possible the “deadline rush”. And we were successful, with only the final touch to be done during the last day. This could have happened due to a better work approach, but I would like to ascribe it to the new members that joined the team after the Selection Workshop. And since I mentioned it already, let’s make it official: Saman and Viktor (Power System), Victoria, Johan and Matthew (Infrared Spectroscopy), Emil and Markus (Tracking System) welcome to the ISAAC family!

On a final note, I shall return to work (taking 10 minutes off to write the blog post was just the break I needed) since the CAD drawings are not going to draw themselves 🙂

Oberpfaffenhofen here we come!


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