The Selection Workshop – We got selected!

The REXUS/BEXUS selection workshop took place in the beautiful city of Noordwijk near Amsterdam! Noordwijk is not only a nice seaside resort; it is first and foremost the location of ESTEC! You might wonder what ESTEC is? ESTEC stands for European Space Research and Technology Centre, the largest centre of the European Space Agency and above all its technical heart, where most projects are born. As space enthusiasts, you can imagine that we were more than willing to trade our red “visitor” badges for the blue ones owned by the ESA engineers! (And not only because the food was really good…)


Erasmus User Center

The workshop lasted three days from December 11th to December 13th. The first day was dedicated to space project management training while the REXUS presentations were held during the second day. ISAAC was the first team to present its project! We were very excited and quite nervous to submit our work to the ESA experts.  This year, six teams competed for a place in the REXUS sounding rocket. The other teams came from Romania, Italia, UK or Spain… The competition was tough. Later that day, we had the chance to meet the only Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang who also studied at KTH! During the last evening, we finally had some time to relax, enjoy the hospitality of our hosts from Hotel Mitchbi and even take a stroll on the beach nearby. The last day was dedicated to the BEXUS proposals and the trip home. Exhausted but amazed, we returned to our snowy and cold Stockholm, waiting for the Selection Board’s decision…

… Which eventually arrived on December 18th as one of the best Christmas presents we had ever received: the ESA acceptance letter, our pass to work on a real space project for one year and a half!


Hotel Mitchbi, Jorge, Georg and “douche” Vlad!


Vlad and Ricardo at the 3D visit of the ISS


Enjoying the beach!


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