Team ISAAC on its way to ESTEC

We all thought waking up to get to the airport was going to be hard. To everyone’s surprise it wasn’t. Five o’clock in the morning having the same amount of sun light as five in the afternoon, in Stockholm, probably threw off our diurnal cycle. We made it to the airport on time and with a lot of energy, even though most of us only got between 3 and 4 hours of sleep the previous night. Our hearts skipped a beat when the announcement came through the speakers that they needed more time and power to fuel the aircraft… The flight departed as scheduled, and after one hour and forty minutes we were touching down at Schiphol. Some of us even caught up on sleep on the plane.


No problems in finding our way around the airport, train and bus stations. We managed to get to ESTEC mainly by following each other. Lots of fun along the way, good jokes and good spirits.

First impression of ESTEC: simply awesome. We all got our red “visitor” badges and proceeded through “The Newton Room”. How about that for a coincidence?

Goody bags, delicious food, superb introductory presentations and the exquisite experiment ideas of the competing teams made for a great first day. Tiredness finally crept into our bodies and we’re now at the hotel doing the final touchups and tweaks to our presentation slides.

Wish us luck and stay close, more updates coming as tomorrow unfolds!



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